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The Westhill Educational Foundation is run by an outstanding and diverse group of volunteers, who are also parents, alumni, teachers, students and school staff. We take pride in declaring that our existence is a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of EVERYONE involved – both past and present members. Together, we form a harmonious community, relentlessly working towards a brighter educational future. Join us in celebrating the spirit of collaboration and the boundless possibilities it brings.

2023-2024 Board: “Our Education Champions”

Oluwafeyisike Ajagbe Student Representative

Amanda Barfield Director; Grants Committee Chair

Kimberly Berger Director; Marketing Committee

Jeff Berger Director; Marketing Committee

Grace Bergett Student Representative

Elizabeth Buell Teacher Liaison

Andrew D’Agostino Director, Finance Committee

Stephen Dunham Ex-Officio, Superintendent

Brian Gehm Director; Alumni Committee

Chris Haigney Director; Alumni Committee

Margaux Judge Director, Grants Committee

Liz LaRochelle Vice President; Alumni Committee Chair

Meghan Platt President; Nominating and Governance Co-Chair

Mark Popp Director, Finance Committee

Benjamin Robbins Director; Finance Committee Chair

Kelly Robbins Past-President; Fundraising Committee Chair

Erin Ryan Teacher Liaison

Erik Samhammer Treasurer; Finance Committee

Mary Scozzari Director; Fundraising Committee

Brooke Tyszka Director; Marketing Committee Chair

Kati Wheeler Secretary; Nominating and Governance Co-Chair

Board Hall of Fame: “Our MVPs”

Board Member Name Positions Held Term Start Term Finish Founding Member
Jeanne Albanese Secretary, Director 2013 2018 *
Jeff Albert Director 2013 2014 *
Lisa Bannon Director 2013 2018  
Casey Barduhn Ex-Officio, Superintendent 2012 2021 *
Amanda Barfield Director 2022 Present  
Kimberly Berger Director 2022 Present  
Jeff Berger Director 2022 Present  
Ryan Brennan Director 2018 2022  
Elizabeth Buell Teacher Liaison 2021 Present  
Chris Centore Past-President, President, Vice-President, Director 2013 2022 *
Jessica Collins Director 2015 2018  
Dawn Czaplicki Director 2018 2021  
Kari Dalton Treasurer 2013 2017 *
Kristie Donegan Director 2013 2016 *
MaryAnn Dowling Teacher Liaison 2013 2016  
Stephen Dunham Ex-Officio, Superintendent 2021 Present  
Sonia Dussing Director 2016 2017  
Dan Fetter Director 2016 2017  
Gina Furco Director 2014 2017  
Michael Gates Director 2018 2021  
Brian Gehm Director 2021 Present  
Denise Gonnella Vice-President, Director 2013 2019 *
Chris Haigney Director 2018 Present  
Colleen Heinrich Director 2013 2019  
Rachel Henderson-Kelly Director 2017 2021  
Shawn King Director 2014 2017  
John Kinsella Director 2016 2018  
Elizabeth LaRochelle Vice- President, Director Jan-21 Present  
Liza Lowery Director 2013 2018 *
Matt McGlynn Director 2013 2014 *
Brian McLane Director 2013 2014 *
Amy Moon Director 2014 2019  
Pat Mooney Director 2017 2021  
Deb Moriarty Director 2013 2016 *
Ben Norris Director 2017 2018  
Meghan Nugent Director 2018 2021  
Jen Pawelczyk Director 2017 2019  
Meghan Platt President, Vice-President, Director 2018 Present  
Flagan Prince Director 2019 2022  
David Reed President 2013 2014 *
Carrie Rewakowski Director 2019 2022  
Jill Richmond Secretary, Director 2013 2021 *
Benjamin Robbins Treasurer, Director 2015 Present  
Kelly Robbins Past-President, President, Vice-President, Director 2015 Present  
Erin Ryan Teacher Liaison 2018 Present  
Erik Samhammer Treasurer, Director 2022 Present  
Mary Scozzari Director 2021 Present  
Roseanne Scrimale School Board Liaison 2013 2016  
Brenda Shea Director 2017 2018  
Julie Sheedy Past-President, President, Vice-President 2013 2019 *
Mary Snyder Student Representative 2021 2023  
Brian Sparks Director 2016 2019  
Andy Starowicz School Board Liaison 2016 2019  
Kevin Sullivan Director 2014 2017  
Maryanne Sullivan Director 2016 2021  
Brooke Tyszka Director 2021 Present  
Kati Wheeler Secretary, Director Jan-21 Present  
Terry Widrick Secretary, Director 2019 2022  

Awarding grants for education.

For innovative projects that encourage creative teaching methods. Grants may be awarded for experiential learning and/or expanding students’ understanding of the curriculum.

Teachers receiving grant
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In the first nine years, the Westhill Educational Foundation has funded more than 114 grants totaling nearly $270,000.
The Board is made up completely of community volunteers, many of them parents of students or are Westhill alumni.
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